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                               to Innovative Ectotherms. Our goal is to provide the highest quality reptiles to our customers. Any offspring sold will be required to meet our rigid quality standards of consistently eating, shedding, and growing. Our breeding stock is hand selected for being exceptionally colored to ensure their offspring will be some of the best available.

Here at Innovative Ectotherms we have been keeping and breeding reptiles for many years now, and we would like to share our learned knowledge with you. We are working with a variety of different reptiles and occasionally are looking to add certain species to our collection. We feel that in working with a variety of different Ectotherms great care is needed to ensure that all are being properly cared for, and are being adequately housed. With that being said, not all of our available reptiles are recommended as first time or even second time pets. We will be glad to share as much information on a certain species as we know in order to ensure you will have the knowledge needed to keep your new friend happy and healthy.Occasionally we are looking to expand into other bloodlines and species. All you have to do is mention what you are willing to trade and we will let you know if we are interested.

Please Donít Hesitate to e-mail with any questions or interests you may have.

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